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FemtoFluidics -- Transforming Chemical Lab Work into Electronic Hardware

We are an early-stage startup, developing fluid-handling technology that precisely manipulates small droplets on a circuit grid via electrical charge. Everything is choreographed by software that controls the switching of the voltages.

Our vision: we will replace a room full of expensive liquid-handling robotics with a rack of electronics.

  • Our device will have very low operating costs and very high reliability, with no moving parts. It will be as dependable as computer hardware is.
  • Chemical protocols will not only be fully automated, but will also be fully programmable and customizable. Changing the protocol will be as simple as re-coding the software.
  • Our solution is scalable: moving to larger grid sizes, with more droplets and smaller volumes per droplet entails only electronic re-design.

We're off to a great start: see our prototypes belows.


Marc Riedel, Ph.D.
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Marc Riedel, Ph.D.
Zach Xiong

Lead, Biochemistry

Tim Hoang
Lead, Electronics


Our Pitch


Product Demo